Youth-GEMS 2023 meeting in Barcelona

The Youth-GEMs project studies the genetic & environmental factors influencing mental health of young people between 12-26 years. Together with colleagues from a broad international consortium we use clinical studies, dive into different data cohorts, explore epigenetics research and develop artificial intelligence and e-health tools. The project is divided into different subtasks called work packages, led by designated project partners.

On the 10th and 11th of October the Youth-GEMs team joined forces during the annual research meeting at PRBB Biomedical Research Park in Barcelona. Two days filled with updates, next steps, discussions and inspiration from the various work packages. As we finished year 1 of the project we see that necessary preparations on data-management, defining useful cohorts and the first steps in developing clinical and e-health tools took place. We are really looking forward to the next year resulting in first ideas for publications, questionnaires and hopefully interesting preliminary findings.

The participation of Young Experts in Youth-GEMs is key. Via so-called Science Cafe’s our researchers can discuss or explain their approach in this project. During the consortium meeting Young Experts were present to ask questions, enrich discussions and realise service user involvement.

“I’ve been part of the Youth-GEMs project since the kick-off meeting in Brussels last year. It’s incredible to think that such a big and experienced group of researchers and medical professionals is interested in what young people have to say. You can really feel the connection between people who are passionate about mental health and are using resources as a group with the ultimate goal of bettering the mental health area experience of young people in the near future. I felt welcomed and listened to.” Inês (23 years old), member of Euro Youth Mental Health. 

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