Youth-GEMs 10th Science Café

Youth-GEMs 10th Science Café Data-harmonization and Artificial Intelligence were the main topics of the 10th Youth-GEMs Science Café. First guest in this Science Café was Lauren Fromont, a neuroscientist en researcher at the European Genomic-phenomic Archive (EGA) in Barcelona. In her presentation she focused on the challenge of harmonizing different types of data. In our Youth-GEMs …

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Youth-GEMS 2023 meeting in Barcelona

The Youth-GEMs project studies the genetic & environmental factors influencing mental health of young people between 12-26 years. Together with colleagues from a broad international consortium we use clinical studies, dive into different data cohorts, explore epigenetics research and develop artificial intelligence and e-health tools. The project is divided into different subtasks called work packages, led …

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Youth-GEMs 9th Science Café

Brief update about the 9th Science Café (August 21): PhD researcher Winni Schalkwijk, who was invited to a previous Science Café, came back to recap some of the fundamentals of her work. Not only do our genes determine our mental health, also the environment and adaptive mechanisms (epigenetics) play an important role. A genome-wide association study …

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