The team

Meet the Young Experts

The Netherlands

Introducing Lotte, a 24-year-old Dutch resident with extensive expertise in youth care, mental health care, and autism. Lotte is committed to improving the mental health system not only in the Netherlands but also globally. With a strong desire to make a positive difference, Lotte is an invaluable asset to the Youth-GEMS project team.


Meet Aoife (pronounced efa), a 24-year-old Irish native who joined the Youth-GEMS project with the aim of transforming the way young people participate in mental health research. Aoife strongly believes that lived experience should be at the forefront of understanding how to engage with young people, and she’s excited to be part of a team that shares her passion.


Introducing Filip, a vibrant 23-year-old hailing from Poland. With a keen interest in neurodiversity, Filip enthusiastically joined the Youth-GEMs project to contribute towards enhancing the quality of mental healthcare for young individuals with diverse neurotypes. Having a personal connection to the topic, Filip understands the significance of exploring the neurological implications of genetic and environmental factors, such as trauma, which disproportionately affect disabled, neurodivergent, and queer youth. By actively participating in this research project, Filip aims to make a positive impact and promote inclusivity within the field of youth mental health.


Meet Inês, a 23-year-old passionate individual hailing from Portugal. With a firm belief in the importance of youth involvement in decision-making processes, Inês joined the Youth-GEMS Project to advocate for co-creation and empower young people to have a voice in shaping the events, laws, policies, and other aspects that impact their lives. Inês’s dedication to fostering meaningful participation makes her an invaluable asset to the project.